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some selected concert and CD reviews

“She’s a folk-style road warrior princess...her experience, her wisdom, and her innate musicality coalesce when she walks onto any stage and picks up her guitar. Her songs...are heartfelt, direct, and honest, delivered in a supple, textured voice that easily travels her complex melodies...a masterful player.” Ann Arbor Observer

“There are times when a songwriter can channel a set of universal emotions, where they can sum up what we feel and express it in words and music. Over the years Donohoe’s Irish heritage has come to play a bigger part in her music. ‘Northern Border’ is an album of many different moods and feelings, and one that shows that Kitty Donohoe is getting even better with time. RecommendedDirty Linen

“It is probably to Michigan-based singer songwriter Kitty Donohoe’s benefit that she is an American artist...hopefully she will gain the same deserved recognition as Dar Williams and Lucy Kaplansky. She manages to stretch the listener by the sureness of her music...intelligent, literate songwriting infused with inherent optimism.” Tweeddale Press Ltd, England

“far above and beyond most singer-songwriters.” Rich Warren, WFMT, Chicago

“She’s one of the rare singer-songwriters to sensuously weave words and melody into a strong and mezmerizing fabric. Her melodies, redolent with Celtic flavors, wrap themselves around her flowers of words. This [Northern Border] is a remarkable recording. Sing Out!

“I’m just finishing auditioning ‘Northern Border’ and I had to put down my work and email you pronto to say what a fabulous album it is. Fabulous is a word I rarely use...congratulations.”

Folk on the Fringe, Australia

“stunning, brilliant...” Michael Jaworek, The Birchmere

“a great talent for songwriting and singing...and hasn’t she a glorious voice as well!” Irish Music

“thanks for a great work of art.”

“an artist well worth paying attention to.” Victory Music Review

“exceptional...the look and feel of a masterpiece.” City Pulse

“Donohoe is the complete package: she was born with a voice of irresistible warmth, dazzling

range and sheer vocal power...she can set audience on fire.” Lansing State Journal

Kitty Donohoe