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The remains of 2009

Winter is back! well, sort of. It’s the end of 2009, early December, and it’s pouring rain

outside, but no snow in sight. Although I did get into some in a UP trip in October. I always look

forward to the first snow. I also hit my first deer ever on that trip and it was really awful.

I have a brand new venture called ‘The Wine Gypsy’ that is going very well, so far. I’ve

partnered with Sandhill Crane Vineyards outside of Jackson (Michigan) to offer private

wine tasting & mini-concerts. I’ve been in and out of the wine business for years, so it’s

natural to merge that with my music. Essentially, I come to your house (or club or wherever)

and talk you and your friends through 8 or 9 wines, entertaining you with songs between the pourings.

There will be a Wine Gypsy site up soon.

Still looking to start recording the Irish American project by spring - I’ll keep y’all posted.

Thanks for checking in!

Kitty Donohoe